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    How can a church consider itself legitimate if it doesn’t even have a statement on what exactly it believes? Even the worst churches I’ve seen provide information on what they believe, whether it be a creed or articles of their faith. KIGM only provides a business objective that reads more like a life seminar than a church. To make matters even worse, they proclaim a Prosperity gospel and make it clear on their website that they really would appreciate it if you gave them money, whether through tithes in the building, online, or in buying advertising space. Granted, it takes money to run a church, but it’s not a good look when I can find a page for donations and buying advertising before I can find a page about what they believe.
    Finally, it’s absolutely laughable that their pastor is claiming the title of “Apostle” of all things Not even the Pope of the Catholic Church takes on the title “Apostle.” But, when you don’t even have a real doctrine of faith to follow, I guess you can tell your congregation anything and they will go with it.

    Overall, KIGM should be avoided if you take your Christianity seriously. However, if you are looking for a life coach seminar, I suppose you could do worse.

    Added January 27, 2020 by Derek
  • I have been here for over 15 years,my family have been blessed by the WORD of God from our APOSTAL or PASTOR,the word is real and rich,it brings healing and clarity concerning whatever you going through at that time. The word bring so much change to the circumstance. If you work the word how the word is given God will bring healing and he will bring Deliverance. There is no perfect leader you pray that God put you in the right place so that you can make the difference. The building is one thing but we are the church , and we are the ones who represent Christ. The mission would be that you grow up so that you can go up in Christ.

    Added June 25, 2017 by Charlotte Clark
  • I love this place!
    Where Reaching + Teaching + Loving = The KI Difference
    Bible study Wednesday 7pm
    Sunday School 8am
    Corporate Prayer 8:45am
    Sunday Morning Worship Encounter 9am
    Come experience the difference.
    Can't wait to see you there!

    Added March 25, 2017 by Mz. Ro Perry
  • I love my church and it's people from the Apostle & Co-Pastor Ford, Asst. Pastor & Lady Wallace and all the Clergy, Officers, to the Children and Custodians. We are great people.

    Added March 06, 2017 by Linda E. Ellerbe
  • I love this church it really makes you feel at home

    Added November 22, 2016 by Jeffery Plummer
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